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A Montana native who has spent most of his life exploring wild places and venturing off-trail to find terrain very few will ever witness. A self taught photographer who is willing to push the envelope to get the shot. Whether it's traveling deep into bear country by himself or tracking a pack of wolves.

A few years ago Ted decided to share a few photos and stories on a public stage. He never expected the reaction he received. Everyone's jaws dropped when they saw and heard that Ted often spends weeks at a time in the backcountry in treacherous terrain to capture these incredible images and moments. Ted decided that he would use his adventures to help inspire and motivate people to get outside and enjoy the beauty around them. 

Being a wildlife photographer, Ted is very sensitive to the animals and will not enter what he terms their “circle of fear”. In his own words, “I feel blessed to walk amongst grizzly bears on a regular basis, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to cuddle up with them and pretend they can’t tear my face off. They are the epitome of wilderness and give me a sense of what is real in the world." Ted hopes to inspire others through his photographs and support organizations such as vital ground, the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation and Montana Wilderness Society in conjunction with Continental Divide Trail. 

A true purist Chase does not believe in the significant computer manipulation of photos and believes that the magic happens behinds the lens. Although Ted admits it’s never been about the photography, it’s about the adventures along the way.


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